Food Waste? BAM!!

One rule at this humble site is that any time a food service provider with 400+ venues launches a food waste reduction campaign, they’ll receive some favorable coverage. (Between you and me, I’ll pretty much write about any kind of food waste initiative.)

And so…Bon Appetit Management Company (BAMCO) recently announced its food waste reduction plan. For the next 12 weeks, the Palo Alto-based food service provider will be:

  • Educating chefs and kitchen staff on the negative environmental impact of food waste
  • Distributing educational tools to kitchen staff on proper portioning and prepping techniques
  • A weekly waste monitoring program in all kitchens that includes weighing and measuring food scraps in the kitchens as well as as dishes are returned by customers in the café

promotional material from Bon Appetit. Photo by J. BloomThe waste reduction campaign is part of BAMCO’s Low Carbon Diet program. And not surprisingly, it corresponds with the works of the nonprofit BAMCO Foundation, which aims to make food service more sustainable.

Come April, we’ll hear back from BAMCO on how they’ve fared with their campaign. I’m anxious to hear the results, as the company has trimmed 20 percent of their waste just in the last few years.

Thus far, BAMCO has been a real leader in the field of institutional waste reduction. That’s why I was surprised to read that only about half of the eligible venues they serve are trayless. I had them pegged for 100%! Perhaps come April…

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    waster reduction should be implemented everywhere. clean and green is what we are striving to achieve

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    Hey I just wanted to say that your blog has some really great ideas and it always kills me to see food go to waste. If you have the time check out my project with the Campus Kitchens, called The Lunch Bag Brigade! We’re hoping to spread it around as far as possible.

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    Hi Jonathan,
    Ken from Chile. Bon Appetit has a long history of not only sustainable practices in the products it uses, but also a network of local vendors per business area. While with Aramark I was very impressed with this company. Luckily for all of us, the more the industry is aware of these enviornmental effects of food transport, cultivation, waste and decomposition, the better off we will be. Bravo Compass Group (Bon Appetit)

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