Cuppa Waste

Wasted coffee. This topic could be its own book. In the meantime, it’s a post:

The food waste experts at LeanPath have provided some helpful and potentially money-saving hints on both reducing the amount of excess coffee and what to do with the inevitable excess. While the tips are aimed at restaurants and institutional settings, mostly, they still are quite by INeedCoffee via Creative Commons

The LeanPath post reminds us that there are alternate uses not just for coffee, but also grounds. Here are the 11 ways to use old grounds. And just because I’m feeling generous, here are 10 more to make it 21 uses for used grounds. Enjoy that coffee facial!

For some reason, I can’t get as outraged at coffee waste as I do with food waste. (Am I alone on that?) Still, growing coffee, like all agriculture, is resource-intensive. May as well try not to dump out a full pot at the end of every day or night.

Offices must be among the larger sources for coffee waste (cafes, of course). I’m wondering does anyone out there work at a place that utilizes the extra Joe at the end of day or is it dumped?

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