Help Haiti

I just heard a figure on NPR that blew my mind–roughly 80 percent of Haiti’s GDP is foreign aid. And that was before the quake. If there was ever a place that really didn’t need a natural disaster, Haiti is it.

After combing through my archives, I found a few examples of Haitian misery–again, before yesterday’s major earthquake. One doesn’t easily forget this article about Haitians so poor they’ve resorted to making cookies from mud, salt and vegetable shortening. 2008 brought Hurricanes and the violence and death caused by protests from food inflation.

Since pictures are more valuable than words, here’s a riveting slideshow of this week’s damage. Please donate if you can–here are a few organizations helping those suffering: the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders or Oxfam America. For more info on how the aid process is proceeding, the Red Cross Blog has some good updates on the situation.

Say a prayer and give if you can.

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