Friday Buffet

Here’s a look inside the food-waste-to-energy plant in Oakland. Hey Bay Area folks, keep your oyster shells, rags and rocks out of the compost!

odd-shaped watermelon like this could soon become fuel. photo by General Wesc via Creative Commons— —

Using watermelon cast-offs to make fuel? Seriously? I thought watermelon was about 99% water? And which have more energy–original or seedless?

Of course, it’d be great if we weren’t so superficial about our produce’s appearance. Yet, I suppose it’s better than tilling it back into the soil. A third way: watermelon juice is a fad waiting to happen. 

— —

The idea of not buying any groceries for a month is less of a “challenge” when you have the accumulation stemming from $800 of monthly food shopping. Good Lord did you see that woman’s freezer?! But, anyway, good on ya, lady.

— —

Finally, Paula Deen and Smithfield teamed up to donate 25,000 pounds of ham to a Tennessee food pantry. Not sure on Deen’s role, but seems like it was using her fame to get local media and people like me to cover the event. Mission accomplished! 

Anyway, kudos to Deen for bringing attention to food banks and donations. Whether that makes up for her assault on American arteries is another matter.

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