Nature’s Gleaners

Are we anteaters or woodpeckers? That’s the question implied in this thought-provoking post from Beyond Bread. (Trust me, it makes sense upon reading.)

After making a distinction between those two animals, the piece delves into a discussion of the noble practice of farmer’s market food rescue. Recovering unsold produce at the end of a market just makes so much sense. If there’s one group of people who hate to waste food, it’s the folks who put so much time and effort into growing it. Plus, fresh produce is hard to come by for soup kitchens and food banks. And fresh, local produce is even better.

photo by Alastair Rae via Creative CommonsDoes anyone do this at your farmer’s market? If so, I’d love to hear how it works. If not, the opportunity is ripe for you to impact your community.

Speaking of which…is there anyone in the D.C. area with a large vehicle, some free time on Tuesday nights and a desire to help put good food to use? If so, see the end of the post for contact info.

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