Some Summer Inspiration

For those of you wondering how else you can reduce the amount of food waste we create outside the home, here’s an idea (and a nice read): start an end-of-the-day farmers’ market produce collection. Margaret Gifford of Chapel Hill, N.C., has done that to great effect, with her Carrboro Farmers’ Market Farmer Foodshare.

Many farmers’ markets have such services and for good reason. Some of the healthy, local goods on offer usually goes unsold at markets. Everyone can’t sell out of everything! That’s why collecting and ferrying these items to those in need is such a valuable service.

Jackson, MS farmer's market by NatalieMaynor via creative commonsYes, as the article mentions, most farmers’ compost their unsold produce. That’s great, but not as beneficial as feeding hungry people.

If you live near a farmers’ market–and you probably do–try to find out if a similar recovery program exists there. If not, starting something like the Carrboro Farmers’ Market Farmer Foodshare wouldn’t take too much time. Obviously it’s hard work, but it would bear fruit almost immediately.

Does your market already have such a service? Let me know…


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