Friday Buffet

Less waste through technology: When farmer’s market orders are made in advance online, growers only pick what they know will go to use. 

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The EPA food waste calculator–out sometime in September, I think–will let businesses calculate how diverting food from their waste stream will save them dough. (Hat tip to Lean Path.)

image courtesy of Recycle for London— —

Even celebrity chefs are getting into the act in the UK, pitching in with recipes to help Britons avoid waste. Cool graphic, too.

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The good news: Many prisons in Tennessee are composting their food scraps, and often using the finished product to help grow their veggies.

The bad news: the state Solid Waste Disposal Control Board shot down oroposed landfill bans on yard waste by 2017 (which has been on the books for a decade here in ole North Carolina) and food waste by 2020. Hey, at least the topic is being discussed, thanks mostly to Bring Urban Recycling to Nashville Today (BURNT).

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Finally, here are some dumpster diving scare tactics, courtesy of Florida grocers. Publix spokeswoman Kim Jaeger on her store’s efficiency:

“In other words, you won’t find much in our Dumpsters.”

That’s a good one.

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