BOGOF to Bug Off?

Bye bye, ‘buy-one-get-one-free?’ This beloved sales scheme is under threat in the UK, where it’s called BOGOF.

The British government is working on its first food policy since WWII rationing ended and released a preliminary assessment on Monday. In the food policy, the government will call on retailers to abolish the tempting retail policy blamed for luring shoppers into buying more than they can photo by chez pim via creative commonseat.

I’m not completely sold on this move–it won’t help the poor who make full use of these sales. But I don’t think it will apply to frozen food and non-perishables, based on page 39 of the full preliminary report. Also, I love these accompanying ideas:

Supermarket chiefs will be told instead to offer half-price deals and package food in a greater range of sizes to suit the single person’s fridge as well as the family’s. 

Oh, and Britain’s Environment Secretary Hilary Benn also advised Britons to ignore “best before” dates. Sensible chap. Benn is fast becoming my hero. 

Do you think the British government is on the right track? Banning BOGOF certainly won’t be popular. Whatever your opinion, you can’t accuse them of indifference. Now U.S. lawmakers, on the other hand…

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