Friday Buffet

For those wondering what life is like at Food Banks these days, watch this engrossing video from the NY Times. “The food bank opens at 4 p.m. every Thursday, but the line outside begins to form as early as noon.”

Increased demand has made it challenging for food banks to feed all of those in need. One bit of good news, though–more money from Washington.  

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If you only have a few items on hand and need a (British) recipe, head to the handy Supercook site (hat tip to My Zero Waste).

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Its’ not just Seattle that’s composting food in Washington. Makes sense, with Cedar Grove Composting in the area. In this article, we learn that restaurants and businesses in Snohomish County are really starting to divert food from the landfill.

Good to hear that my snohomies in Snohomish County have raised tipping fees (for regular trash) at its transfer station to make composting more attractive. That means: 

“On average, it’s about 20 percent cheaper than hauling away garbage,” Fisher said of composting. “The goal here is maybe to look and see what you can take out of (your garbage), and what you’re left with is the least amount you’re sending to the garbage. There’s where you’re going to be saving money.”

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Take a trip down ‘Home Ec’ memory lane with this 1950s video teaching practical grocery buying. Beware impulse buying! It contains what’s surely the first impulse purchase of rutabagas. And stick around for the cake waste footage at the 3:10 mark.

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Nice to hear that Hidden Harvest, one of my favorite food recovery groups, is recovering lots of food. They pay those that are unemployed and underemployed to pick for the hungry. Plus, the wage is per hour, not based on how productive the pickers are.

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