Friday Buffet

I’ve written about vacation rental food waste recovery (mouthful!) before, but here’s a recent news report on it (with video). This is one of my favorite ideas, as it allows families who’ve rented homes for a beach getaway to donate their vacation groceries before they leave by regenia abrabham via creative commons

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Atta boy, Texas!

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From a review of Grandma’s Country Pies and Restaurant (which I plan to visit the next time I’m near Albany):

“Would you like a roll?” we were each asked. Why, were they extra? No, but they don’t want to see them wasted, a policy we highly approved of.

This is such an underrated tactic for reducing food waste. Especially considering that once the bread basket hits the table, what’s remaining must be dumped (by health code rules). Now…whether some restaurants fudge on that is another story.
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Corvallis, Oregon’s Jamming for the Hungry rescues fruit and makes jam for donation. While it’s obviously a great idea, I can’t help wondering whether Bob Marley plays on a constant loop in their office or whether the soundtrack includes Phish and Blues Traveler.

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Finally, I try to steer clear of all things celebrity, but I can’t resist linking to this chuckle inducing rant on celebs wasting food. Given the portion sizes at many restaurants, Jessica Biel’s strategy isn’t bad…provided you take the other half home.

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