Write to Debbie?

The Little Debbie Saga continues…

Last week I wrote about a Little Debbie delivery vehicle that tipped over and the shenanigans that led to its contents being thrown away. Whiel perhaps we should have seen this coming, given their choice of transport, opinions differed on whether or not the cake company wanted to donate the goods to the Oregon Food Bank.foreshadowing?? photo by the freewheeling daredevil via creative commons

The Non-Consumer Advocate, who tipped me to the whole story, came up with a great idea in the comments section of this here blog–get Little Debbie to dig into her purse and make a donation to the OFB.

Well, now the NCA has put out a call for action on her blog to try to persuade L’il Debbie makers McKee Foods to make such a donation. With the help of this form, methinks it’s time to leave a comment on their site.

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