Friday Buffet

On Wednesday, I wrote about a move in Britain to make expiration dates clearer as part of the “war on waste.” Here’s news of another battle in the war: waste-to-energy.

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Also from the UK (I have to learn another language or something), we learn that an increase in people living alone means more food waste.

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Bon Appetit with a press release highlighting their food waste reduction. Not just from trayless, but also within the kitchens. On the trayless topic, though, I hadn’t heard this nugget:

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education predicts that most of the nation’s 4,000 colleges and universities will institute trayless dining within the next five years.

Well…that would be nice!

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Here’s a nice piece by Pete Wells that incorporates cooking, thrift, the economy and, of course, waste. I could relate to pretty much everything in the essay, except the eye-popping New York City numbers. Not sure which is worse–the $14 gallon of milk or the $35 whole chicken.

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The AP story on San Francisco’s mandatory recycling provided this useful context:

Many cities, including Pittsburgh and San Diego, require residents to recycle yard waste but not food scraps. Seattle requires households to put scraps in the compost bin or have a composting system, but those who don’t comply aren’t fined.

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In the clever headlines department, here’s a beaut from The Times (of London): “Best befores are past their sell-by date.”

Dang–I wish I’d thought of that one!

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