Chicken Pops

Last night I made a whole chicken. The pan collected a nice amount of chicken juices, spices and butter that I’d applied to the skin.

After the meal, I wasn’t sure what to do with this excess liquid, but I knew it was way too tasty to toss. After considering the options–while my dog lobbied to implement her own solution–I decided to freeze it.

But how?

Over the last year, I’ve received quite a few tips from readers who swear by freezing herbs in butter in an ice cube tray. That way, you just drop a cube in the pan when you need a bit of that herb. It makes an herb butter, which is great because, really–what’s not improved with butter?

I figured the same logic could be applied to the chicken fat/butter combo. And since we had an extra ice cube tray lying around (for water bottle shaped cubes), I poured the greasy mixture into the tray.

This morning, I have chicken cubes cylinders. I overfilled the trays, but I’m pretty sure they’ll add some punch to rice and other grains. And if they don’t, the dog gets to enact her plan.

Tonight: Chicken salad and boiling the carcass to make stock.

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