Grain Elevator

Oh, Minimalist. You really know the way to a guy’s heart.

Not only are you writing about reusing leftovers, you’re using noodle pudding to do it. Your noodle pudding recipe is enticingly similar to my grandma’s devine kugel. (Here’s more on the institution that is kugel.)

photo by joshuabousel (via creative commons)The Minimalist, aka Mark Bittman, is onto something when he talks about grains being among the most common kind of leftover. And the idea of turning bread, rice and noodles into dessert, while not a new one, has my undying approval. Now that’s alchemy.

It’s exciting to see so national a writer talking about frugality. I have a hunch, though, that this will become more common in the mainstream media for obvious reasons.

I’m curious: Do you often find yourself with leftover grains? If so, will you try Bittman’s recipes for noodle pudding, rice pudding and bread pudding?

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