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In August, I gave a shout out to The Frugal Girl for striving to eliminate her family’s food waste. She’s kept up the good work since then and just recently reached pay dirt.
Last week, for only the second week since she began in March, her family made zero food waste. Nada.

photo courtesy of The Frugal GirlHow do I know Frugal Girl is being honest? She’s earned our trust by not being shy about publicizing her squandering.

Anyway, FG provides a great example and some useful tips on avoiding food waste. One idea that I hadn’t really considered was a simple one:

Bake something. Baking(even something very simple, like muffins) is a great way to use up bits of buttermilk(or cream or milk), or fruits that are past their optimum freshness.

She also notes that having others hold you accountable helps. She achieves that via her Web site photos. Now you, too, can have that accountability, by linking a list or photograph of your own waste to her Friday food waste post.

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