Friday Buffet

Publix supermarkets recently announced a program to compost meat, produce and bakery items from 56 Broward County stores and all 237 S. Florida stores by mid-2009.

Organic Recovery will convert the supermarket waste to a soil supplement by enzymatic digestion. Great news, photo by (via Creative Commons)but I’d love to see this kind of top-down approach to donating the edible food.

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This online chat with The End of Food author Paul Roberts is a nice read and contains a question about food waste a little more than half way down.

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Here’s an extensive interview on Food Interviews in which you’ll probably learn more than you wanted to know about me. Yup, when you read ‘Part 1’ that means there’s a Part 2.

Not covered: my favorite color is green. (And that has nothing to do with the environment. Honest, ask my mom!)

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The town of Ludlow, England is collecting food scraps from homes to fuel an anaerobic digester that creates energy. The funny thing is that they’ve found that household food waste has decreased since collection started.

Thinking about wasted food —> less waste.

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Be sure to check back next week for a Q & A with food guru and What to Eat author Marion Nestle.

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