News Day

Across all media, yesterday was a big day for food waste news.

First, CBS’ The Early Show had a segment on food waste, echoing an earlier one on The Today Show.

Then (MS)NBC ran an AP story on how Americans waste produce. The story had some useful tips on how to avoid losses amongst your fruits and vegetables. Even more helpful, everyone's excited about all the food waste news! (photo by chrisada via Creative Commons)though, is this Grist piece on storing veggies.

Apparently, ABC didn’t get the memo that it was food waste news day. Heck, even USA Today got in on the act–OK, that one was from Tuesday–with an article on colleges abandoning the cafeteria tray.

Finally, The Washington Post‘s Food & Dining section had a neat little feature on reusing leftover rice. The article reminded me of my friends at Egg in a Box and ensured that I’ll never look at a box of hardened rice the same way.

Lots to read. I’m curious: Which piece did you most enjoy?

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