Friday Buffet

Despite its odd tone, this NY Times Magazine article was encouraging because food pieces in mainstream (some might say highbrow) publications rarely discuss leftovers.

illustration by Dan Morelle via Creative CommonsOK, so it’s lobster leftovers, but the author does advocate boiling the shell and assorted remnants to flavor a risotto. So that’s neat.

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Jamaicans have stopped bobsledding long enough to taken up the cause of reducing food waste. Here’s an editorial in the appropriately named Jamaica Gleaner.

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Here’s one woman’s honest summary of trying not to waste food. Avoiding food waste isn’t all fun and games…

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If you have some milk that’s starting to turn, why not fry it?!

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You can share your thrift and craftiness in this “Nice Saves” thread on frugal village. The title refers to food you’ve used presumably just before it became unusable.

I really like that term ‘saves.’ Although I’ll have a hockey announcer’s voice running through my head the next time I put those “last legs veggies” into an omelet–“What a save!”

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