Friday Buffet

Here’s a neat idea: six Seattle area families held a contest to see who could cut the most weight from their garbage. The winning family trimmed its trash by 82 percent in just six weeks.

Sure, it helps that King County allows residents to put food waste in the yard waste bin that is collected, but those with a yard can start their own bin. And city folks can use this indoor composting contraption or start a worm bin.

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Waste Aware Scotland has its own Love Food, Hate Waste site to match the one for England and Wales.

photo by Scuddr (via Creative Commons)While the advice on use-by dates is a bit cautious, the meal planning and portioning tips are better. Plus, you’ve gotta love the cheesy posters on offer. Actually, this one‘s pretty cool.

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Here’s an engrossing tale: A group of Kentucky band students traveling in China attends a traditional Suzhou banquet. Their teacher respectfully describes this “cultural train wreck” and the ensuing food waste (after comparing US and Chinese eating habits and recalling her childhood Chinese(-American) food experiences).
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As is the case in much of the developing world, poor storage and transportation technology leads to poor prices for the farmer and vast food waste in Tanzania, as this article describes.

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