Pantry Patrol

You down with OPP? (other people’s pantries)

Each Saturday, the Perfect Pantry blog satisfies our voyeurism by displaying photos from readers’ pantries. While the pantries vary quite a bit, the photos bring up this point: Cluttered pantries lead to waste. Chances are, if you can’t see something, you won’t use it before it goes by chez larsson (via Flickr)

A few other ideas gleaned from perusing the site: Container labels–what’s in it and when it’s from–are helpful for avoiding waste. And clear containers help–you can see how much is left and what’s inside.

While there are a few busy shelves, the majority of the pantries pictured are pretty tidy. I would guess that this sample may not be completely representational. What brave soul is going to submit a photo of their messy pantry?

Well, you can. Here are the instructions on how to submit photos from your pantry, spice rack, shelves, etc.

And yes, sooner or later, I’ll submit pictures from my less-than-ideal pantry. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some organizing to do.

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