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As I mentioned before, I’ve begun working for a renewable energy company planning to convert food waste to electricity. So far, so good.courtesy of thespeak (via Flickr)

In trying to find sources of bulk food waste, I’ve spoken with folks at food processing plants. One canning factory executive told me that the speed of their production line leads to an abundance of vegetable waste. When an employee sees a a bad potato or carrot, they reach in and grab a bunch because they don’t have time to just pick it out individually. The exec said:

They don’t get one, they get more like 30 pieces.

Also, here’s a gratuitous pat on the back: After a few days of irresponsibility, I’ve been bringing my banana rinds and orange peels home to compost. Sarcastic self-righteousness aside, I challenge the rest of you working stiffs to do the same!

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