Friday Buffet

It must be Carrot Week here. This post, after a nice food waste primer, traces the not-so-nice journey of our orange friends (in the “A Small Experiment with Carrots” part). To wit:

…an organic farmer growing carrots can reasonably expect between 40% and 60% of his carrots to be rejected.Yam Seal (by Blind Grasshopper via Flickr)

— —

Food seal? No, Food-sealing. Oh. 

Who knew packaging could get this detailed?

— —

FoodBox is bringing the heart-in-the-right-place idea of Replate to New York. Created by the designers at Nohaus Solutions (sorry guys, it’s an umlaut-free site), the intiative asks diners to drop leftovers in their, you guessed it, FoodBoxes.

Here’s a nice illustration of how it’d work (not sure if that was created by the FoodBox designers)

Unfortunately, if you’re not near Avenue of the Americas and 14th St., it’ll have to be–gasp–handed directly to a homeless person. All joking aside, we here at Wasted Food (OK, I) wish them luck building this project.

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