Beautiful Waste?

Photographer Christopher Breimhurst worked in the food industry for 10 years, including some time at supermarkets. In his current work, Edibles, he finds the beauty in “unmarketable produce.”

Instead of throwing these fruits and veggies out, Breimhurst photographed them to illustrate their remaining usefulness. As he puts it:

The rejected food is typically destined for the waste pile.  But in a majority of cases they can still be used.  Which is what I did. At the end of my workday I snatched the rejects and brought them into my studio to capture their good sides and make them appealing once more.

Now, the Lancaster, Pa. based photographer is looking to raise a modest amount of money to fund a January photo exhibit.

They really are fabulous pictures. I’m hoping Breimhurst gets the money he needs to launch what is sure to be a neat and necessary exhibit.

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