Now Serving: More Donations

The other NRA, the National Restaurant Association, is getting more serious about food donation. The restaurant group announced a new partnership with the Food Donation Connection, a kind of food recovery matchmaker.

This is great news, as many restaurants are hesitant to donate their excess food. Unfounded fears of liability and inertia/laziness are two major barriers to donation. That’s why I’m hoping some inter-industry leadership will coax more eateries into donating.

Photo by llabocaj via creative commonsMy other reaction: It’s about time! Also, there’s some room for concern over how healthy these new donations will be, given the partner restaurants listed on the FDC site. But that’s more of general restaurant industry issue and a conversation for another day.

Food Donation Connection, based in Knoxville, Tenn., takes some of the guesswork out of donations for restaurants. They have extensive experience setting up restaurants with local food relief groups and have helpful tax and liability info on their site, but don’t do any recovering themselves. They’re middlemen in the best possible connotation.

Bill Reighard, President of FDC, is excited, and so am I. And so are the hunger-relief agencies, said Reighard:

“The agencies are excited that the Association has stepped up in a significant way to fight against hunger. We look forward to expanded participation by the restaurant industry.”

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