Compost Awareness Week

Were you aware that it’s International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW)? If not, now you are. 

Like their British brethren, the US Composting Council is spreading the word this week. In addition to their ideas for ICAW, the Composting Council has a whole bunch of useful links. Here are some helpful resources for would-be composters and lessons for teaching composting in the classroom.

photo by norman ack (via creative commons)On that note, check out the winning entry to the poster contest designed by a 5th grader.

I can’t say that ICAW was on my radar, but I have been composting up a storm lately. Must be the increased produce available in the spring and summer. Also, I just finishing digging up some nice, dark “finished” compost to use in my veggie garden.

Not only does composting prevent harmful methane emissions from landfilled food, it puts the nutrients back into the food chain. It’s a total win-win. It’s “Recycling the Way Nature Meant it to Be.”

And in case you think this movement isn’t spreading, hear this: By next year, you could be composting Sun Chips bags.

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