Trimming Waste and Budgets on Campus

In what’s sure to become a familiar story, Haverford College Dining Services needs to trim 10 percent from its budget. While most of the cuts will be labor-related, the school also realizes that cutting food waste can help.

Abundant (some would say excessive) choice has been the first casualty:

Dining Services is also cutting back on the amount of food served in order to lessen waste and save money, Francone said. Instead of having four or five different entrees, there are now two or three. There are now only two types ofHaverford College by sean fraga (via Creative Commons) meat in the deli bar rather than three or four.

There have been some tactical changes, too:

Taylor said the salad bar has all the same items, but staff are waiting to replace the containers until they are empty.

Hard to believe that it took a recession to bring it back, but common sense just might be reemerging:

Luisa Pacenza, a cold food cook who has worked at Haverford for 31 years, believes the new cutbacks are a good idea. “They cook too much, they throw it away,” she said. “They should learn to cook less food.”

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