Best Laid Plans

You’ve read my rants about the importance of menu planning before. What you haven’t seen, though, is such a detailed, step-by-step rundown.

photo by H is for Home (via Creative Commons)As you’ll see, Simple Mom walks readers through her Google Calendar-aided method. It’s quite a system, and one that I think could help many of you cut down on cabinet castaways and forgotten ‘fridge items.

I practice a lower-tech version of that strategy, with a little more planned flexibility to react to unexpected changes. For example: You’re invited out to eat, or you return from the farmer’s market with lots of edible, but ugly bell peppers that you snagged from one vendor’s compost bin (after asking permission).*

Keep in mind that there’s another way to plan meals: doing so after you shop. This method wouldn’t work that well for me, but it may for you. However you do it, the important thing is planning ahead to avoid waste.

* This may or may not have happened to yours truly on Saturday.

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