Weather We Waste

Brrr. Here in North Carolina we just dipped into frost season. The cold, while handy for preserving your jack-o-lantern, will signal the end for all but the underground crops and hearty winter greens (collards, anyone?).

photo by plume (via Creative Commons)For those still hanging on to a few late season crops, it may be time to pick what you have or lose it to the weather. Personally, I’m down to tomatoes, basil, parsley and oregano. Sounds like a pesto pasta dinner is in the offing.

Along those lines, The Ethicurean has a nice post with end-of-days garden tales from various locales. Included is the reminder to can or freeze what you have to avoid the potential waste. Or you can donate your end-of-the-line excess to friends and neighbors. It’ll be like Thanksgiving come early.

I may try to grow some herbs indoors, but I’m still deciding if we have a window that gets enough light. Then again, does anything grow well next to a cozy, glowing fireplace?

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