Sub-Zero Waste?

Refrigerator maker Sub-Zero just announced that several new features in its units will help cut food waste.

S-Z claims many advances, including air scrubbers and separate compressors (and humidity levels) for the fridge and freezers.

photo by sarahleeb (via Creative Commons)Equally important, though, is that the new units will include “freshness guide” cards. These built-in cheat sheets will remind folks about how best to store produce and other highly perishable items.

Best of all, you don’t need to buy a Sub-Zero to benefit from the company’s storage tips. Under the Food Preservation Tips, check out the list of ethylene-producing foods (e+) and the ethylene-sensitive ones (e-). You’ll want to keep these separate.

While we’re on the topic of refrigerators, I like the idea of ones with a glass door. Increased visibility will lead to less waste, not to mention energy savings as you don’t have to look with the door open.

Sub-Zero’s marketing strategy seems an obvious attempt to maintain sales of their high-end fridges in a slowing economy:

“With prices on the rise for so many food items at the supermarket, and as people make fewer visits to the store because of increased gas prices, it’s more important than ever before to keep food from spoiling in the refrigerator,” said Christopher Parr, Sub-Zero consumer marketing manager.

But if the end result is less food waste–I’m all for it. Now if they’d only send one to WF headquarters for testing purposes…

(Then again, I’m not sure it would fit!)

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