Whole Changes

Here’s a really interesting article on how Whole Foods is attempting to shed its “Whole Paycheck” image. Read through waste-hued glasses, I found two instances of waste in the making.photo by That Other Paper (via Creative Commons)

Whole Foods, through its in-store thrift tours, is steering shoppers towards bulk buying:

Value packages of fresh cod and salmon were a dollar a pound less than smaller amounts purchased at the fish counter.

Sure, you can freeze what you don’t use, but many items get lost in our freezers. Months later, when you unearth said items, they have freezer burn.

In addition, the store’s increased sales are encouraging some shoppers to make impulse buys that lead to the same ‘freeze it all’ dilemma.

But Susan Davis, 56, said she had noticed more sale signs. “I came for something else one day and was shocked to find the meat on sale, so I bought it and put it in the freezer,” she said.

Freezing food, if done with discipline, can be a real waste-avoider. But often, it’s just a waste-delayer, postponing the guilt of throwing away food to another day. Do you ever find yourself doing this?

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