Waste, Bagged

You know the whole “greening your kitchen” thing has hit the mainstream when the AP writes about BioBags. That means these compostable food photo by lasuprema (via Creative Commonswaste bags appeared in publications North and South.

I haven’t used these corn-based bags, mostly because I figure why buy something that’s not entirely necessary. But I can see their usefulness in encouraging folks who are a bit squeamish about keeping veggie scraps, etc. in their house.

This brings to mind the topic of coffee filters. For a few years, my wife and I employed one of those reusable screen filters. We composted the grounds that would come out with a few good whacks, but had to wash those stubborn remaining ones down the drain.

Since moving to a house without a disposal, though, we’ve switched to cheap paper filters to prevent a buildup of grounds in our pipes. I don’t love the idea of buying anything disposable, but composting coffee is now easier, quicker and cleaner.

My point is that whether you’re composting with BioBags, a tupperware container, a barrel with a neat logo, a worm bin or this pragmatic bucket, the important thing is that you’re composting. Or maybe you’ve decided that you can’t compost, but are cooking less food to avoid waste.

By any means necessary and whichever way works for you, try to keep food out of landfills, where its rotting releases that dastardly greenhouse gas methane.

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