Capitol Composting

Good news, America: Your congressmen are composting.

Well, at least the ones dining at the mundane Capitol dining facilities. The Longworth Cafeteria and other federal feed halls have had a composting program since the fall.

This composting is part of the Green the Capitol initiative, which is halving the amount of waste the House sends to landfills. In Longworth, super delegates and their staff separate their trash into “compostable” and “non-compostable” slots at recycling stations. Included in the former are the biodegradable plates and cutlery.

After a trip through an in-building “pulper” that removes 70 percent of the liquid, the remaining “slaw” is trucked about 23 miles to Chesterfield Farms, in Crofton, Md.

No word yet on whether the excessive “pork” streaming from the Capitol causes problems at the composting facility.

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