Apple Frittered

Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) released a staggering figure the other day: 4.4 million whole apples are being thrown away every day in Britain.

That’s 12 double decker buses full. These apples are termed “avoidable losses,” meaning perfectly good fruit that could have been by (via flickr)

You know the old saying: An apple a day…gets thrown away. Or something like that.

This got me thinking. My last grocery bill put the price of apples at about a buck each ($1.50 to $2 per pound). Proportionally, there are roughly 5 times more Americans than Brits (300 million to 60 million). Assuming the US and UK waste fruit at about the same rate–probably a safe bet–the US wastes approximately 22 million apples every day.

That’s about 60 double deckers worth. How ya like them apples?

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