UCan do it, UConn

The trayless trend continues at college cafeterias…(who-hoo!)

As reported by its student newspaper, the University of Connecticut (UConn) will eschewUConn Huskies logo (via wikipedia) trays at its Whitney Dining Hall in February. The environmental awareness campaign will begin with awareness day, then kick in the next Monday before running seven days the following week.

While the program’s main focus will be tracking the amount of water saved from the diminished dishwashing load, it’ll also measure the anticipated drop in food waste.

“It is a program to reduce water usage,” said Susan O’Keefe, the manager of Whitney Dining Hall and member of the committee.

What’d be really cool would be a March Madness trayless campaign. You could have all 65 schools in the NCAA tournament pledge to forego trays in their dining halls while their team is alive in the brackets. Take it away, NCAA!

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