Keepin’ it Fresh

Last week, the kind people at Oliso sent me a Frisper Freshkeeper to test. What the heck is that, you ask? Why, it’s a vacuum food sealer of course. 

Oliso's Frisper FreshkeeperBasically, it’s a home version of the machines that vacuum pack meats, seafood and other food items. The Freshkeeper comes with ziplock-like bags into which you seal the food. After you clamp the device on the bag, it pokes a hole, sucks out the air and reseals that hole. Pretty neat.

My favorite part of the whole package was the post-it note with “for save-food blog guy” written on it. Wow, succinct and spot-on.

While I’m devising the best way to test the Freshkeeper, I will tell you that it is both cool looking and compact.Frisper in action I’ll have a full report on it once I’m done with my experimentation.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have an idea on what foods to test. No reasonable requests will be refused (i.e. I’m not going to see how long it takes for a filet mignon to decay).

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