Containing Compost

With Seattle’s mandatory food waste recycling a scant 20 months away, folks there have begun to contemplate how to store their food scraps in the kitchen before curbside dumping. In other words, what kind of container works best.

This problem isn’t unique to Seattle’s single family homes (the ones forced to compost in 2009). Home composters of all levels and locales face the same question. As a rookie composter, I haven’t settled on how to store my kitchen scraps before transferring them to my outdoor bin. I’ve been using a jumbo yogurt container, but it fills rapidly.

There are certainly plenty of options for sale on the Web. Yet, this review of food scrap storage options is useful for those on a budget. It’ll get you thinking and, for better or worse, is written by someone not afraid to call food waste ‘gross.’

Don’t hesitate to comment if you’ve had success with a certain kind of container. Or maybe if you haven’t!

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