No Food For You!

Talk about a culture clash. A Japanese chef in Sydney is taking a firm stance on plate waste. As in: don’t clean your plate, don’t come back.

Those who leave food behind at chef Yukako Ichikawa’s¬†restaruant, Wafu, are informally¬†banned from returning. As she put it,

“(When they try to return), if I remember their face, I say no,” Ichikawa said.

In addition to that hard line, Ichikawa also provides an incentive for her customers to eat all of their food.

Diners able to polish off their old-fashioned Japanese meal get 30 percent off their bill and an invitation to join Ichikawa’s exclusive list of more than 800 regulars.

It’s extreme–the whole thing reminds me of the Soup Nazi episode on Seinfeld–but this policy would certainly reduce waste. What do you make of this policy? Too harsh? Just right? Not quite?

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