Your Opinion, Please

I have a very serious question to ask, people. It’s about spelling. The spelling of doggy bags. Or is it doggie bags?

Here’s a link to the poll (I had problems embedding it…).

The reason I’m asking is because I need to decide how to spell this term in my book. Since the dictionary lists both as correct and I’m not partial to either, I thought I’d turn it over to you discerning readers. Did you ever imagine having such a major impact on an acutal book?!

FYI, I’ve cleared this with my editor. And barring a publishing house copy editor with a vendetta against one version, your decision will determine the way it’ll appear in print. 

Web 2.0, meet the printed word. Printed word, Web 2.0. And please feel free to comment below on your selection, reasoning or opinions on spelling or life in general.

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