That Last Plate

OK, let’s talk about the Never Ending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden. First of all, shouldn’t it be the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl? Second, is it possible to stop thinking about The NeverEnding Story while you’re eating? Because I’m having a hard time doing so now (Atreyuuuu!).

Sorry. Anyway, I just saw a Tweet from a frustrated Pasta Bowl customer after being told very late in the game that he wasn’t allowed to take home his leftovers. I’m wondering if olives in a garden-like setting. by prakhar via creative commonsthis is this the case at all Olive Gardens.

If this is indeed the policy, I can see the restaurants’ perspective–diners will abuse the system by loading up their plate on their final foray. Yet, what happens to the remaining food from customers who simply took more than they could handle on their last trip up?

Seems like we all suffer (and much food is wasted) to prevent a few from doing wrong. (Kind of like another pet peeve of mine–the checking of receipts at the door of a retail store.)

If doggie bags are banned, they should clearly state it on the menu or elsewhere, because hopefully that would affect how diners approach their meal. Maybe folks would make more trips and/or take less food each successive time.

This gets to a larger question of leftovers at all-you-can-eat buffets. Do any buffets allow leftovers to be taken home or have we betrayed the trust to the point where it’s not allowed?

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