Trays Abolished!


Before lighting out for Europe, President Obama issued an executive order banning the use of cafeteria trays in federally-funded all-you-can-eat facilities. All colleges and universities that accept government money will have until August to cease using trays or risk losing their funding and, possibly, accreditation.

Sorry to say it, but…April Fool’s!! Oh well. Maybe when I’m appointed Food Waste Czar…

Not a fabrication: Princeton is contemplating going trayless. The New Jersey school held a trayless dinner at Forbes Dining Hall last week and will host another this month before coming to a final decision.

Hopefully Princeton can succeed where their Ivy League brethren at Harvard have stumbled. The Cambridge school experimented with Trayless Thursdays last year, but school administrators terminated the idea that spring–talk about April fools!

During Princeton’s trayless dinner, diners were polled on the experience. A whopping 82 percent were in favor of the idea, although those numbers might be a bit distorted. Being asked if you’re in favor of something by someone from Greening Princeton might lead to students telling pollsters what they want to hear.

Still, it’s encouraging stuff and that’s no joke.

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