About that sentence next to my photo…

I’ve been doing this site for the last two years. And the entire time the home page has read, “Jonathan Bloom is writing a book on wasted food in America.” While that has been true in one sense, it is awesomely correct today with the announcement of my book deal in Publisher’s Weekly.

Obviously, I’m thrilled. And now the real work begins!

I suppose that news begs the question, ‘What have you been doing for the last two years?’ Well, lots of things:

  • Research! Learning all I can about the issue of food waste
  • Visiting food recovery groups, food pantries, etc.
  • Building my “platform” so people might care what I have to say
  • Blogging daily (ahem–weekdays, that is)
  • Showering daily (ahem–weekdays, that is)
  • Doing interviews and writing guest posts and articles to gain exposure
  • photographing food waste
  • Growing multiple beards
  • Trying to get an agent
  • Crafting a book proposal with said agent (Thanks, Lynn!)
  • Working full-time at a renewable energy company
  • Composting, meal planning, using Tupperware like it’s going out of style
  • Making a naughty & nice list of who has/hasn’t wasted food
  • Trying to be a good husband, son, brother, friend, dog owner, etc.
  • Preparing to be a dad

With that last bullet point looming (in a good way), it’s on to the actual writing. I still plan to update the blog (week)daily, but cut me a little slack if I miss a day or two.

Anyway, thanks for reading, commenting and helping. And for making the economy tank so people started paying attention to food waste. Kudos, boys.

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