Restaurants’ Green Seal of Approval

I’ve long hoped for some sort of green standard for restaurants. Some kind of sticker that eateries could display on their door to let people know that they’re doing the right thing, environmentally. Kind of the like the organic label used to do does with food products.

Well, Green Seal is doing just that. The independent non-profit just announced a Proposed Environmental Standard for Restaurants and Food Service Operations (see page 17-18 for food waste). Green Seal currently operates standards for cleaninglogo courtesy of Green Seal products, paints, food packaging and other products and services.

In the rough draft, restaurants would be required to perform food waste audits, divert food from landfills, reduce waste, forecast demand and donate food. The Environmental Standard for Restaurants is open for public comment until Nov. 26, so don’t hesitate to chime in. (You’ll have to register to do so.)

I’d like to see the requirements be a bit less vague in some cases, like the requirement that food donations “be done on a regular basis.” But I love that food operations are required to repurpose food under the Inventory Management section to reach silver or gold level. And that buffets and cafeterias should minimize amounts leading up to closing time to reduce waste.

I can imaagine the Environmental Standard for Restaurants having a major impact on U.S. restaurants, if done right. What do you make of the idea and its specific requirements?

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