Priced to Waste

Yesterday, I made a five-hour drive on I-95 from DC to Carolina. At a gas stop, I was tempted by a sign: 99 cent Icees.

I don’t usually buy that kinda stuff, and I’m more of a Slush Puppie actually, but the intense traffic and heat weakened my defenses.

you should see the XL! (photo by RLEVENS, via Creative Commons)Inside the store, I couldn’t believe what I saw: The advertised 99-cent option was for the biggest Icee–32 ounces. The smaller ones, which I was leaning towards, all cost more.

This is ridiculous. Just absurd. Americans don’t need any more help becoming obese. And because few folks would pay more for less, the alternative is wasting a portion of the slush drink.

As for the Icee pictured to the right, I’m guessing it goes for 50 cents. And you should see the extra-large!

Because I’m no connoisseur of slush, I don’t know if this price scheme was the gas station’s doing (it was a Pilot) or a common Icee tactic. Two ideas I had during my non-slush-aided drive were to buy the giant size but not fill it all the way or to share it between two (or five) people.

I’d like to say that i didn’t buy an Icee out of protest, but the real reason was that the blue raspberry was out of order. If you’re not getting a blue tongue out of the deal, why bother?

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