Who Cares?

Today, I was going to recap how we waste nearly half the food we produce in America. How the average American creates 4.6 pounds of trash every day, 12.4 percent of which are food scraps. How more than half of the average restaurant’s trash is food.

I had planned to write about how it takes seven times the amount of fossil energy to produce one unit of food energy. How each year America sends 30 million tons of food waste to the landfill, where it emits methane, a greenhouse gas at least 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

But then I thought, who really cares anyway. Besides, isn’t that global warming stuff a bunch of hype?

Today, why not order a big honkin’ meal and eat only half of it. Then don’t bother taking home the leftovers. It’s not like anything you do will make a difference, anyway. You’re only one person.


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