Friday Buffet

Oprah’s Wednesday show examined dumpster diving, so I guess freeganism has officially arrived. The episodewax oprah courtesy of miss shari (via flickr) featured freegans in New York and Nashville, before down-shifting to interview a soccer mom by day, stripper by night. Ah, television.

The best segment was when reporter Lisa Ling spent time with nice couple from Nashville, both professionals, who happen to get their food from dumpsters.

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You don’t have to be a Thrifty Mommy to appreciate these 50 Ideas on how to avoid food waste.

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Here’s an engrossing discussion thread on portion sizes and serving strategies for feeding guests.

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The Clackamas County (Ore.) Gleaners do some great work to avoid food waste. While what they do isn’t all that unique, I’d never heard someone go so far as to call wasting food a sin, as their PR director did:

We’re trying to eliminate waste and take [away?] the sin of throwing perfectly good food away.

What do you think of using that term?

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