Star Power

Wasted Food reader Brian recently commented that making food waste awareness trendy would really reduce squandering. In my mind, trendy = celebrities. As I mentioned in my response to that comment, I’m picturing Brad and Angelina leaving a restaurant with doggy bags as photographers snap away.

Barring that miracle, who else would take up this issue? We could probably get Ed Begley, Jr., but a little more star power wouldn’t hurt. Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio, seth-rogen.JPGwho sure acts like he cares about the environment, is our guy.

Seth Rogen, star of the hit movie “Knocked Up,” can be convinced? In a recent New York Times piece, Rogen and his Canadian compatriot Evan Goldberg, an Executive Producer of “Knocked Up,” were asked why there are so many funny Canadians. The conversation spilled into the differences between the U.S. and its northern neighbor: 

 GOLDBERG: Every Canadian just cannot believe the portions of food.
ROGEN: Oh, yeah, that’s another thing.
GOLDBERG: It’s the most astounding thing, it’s just double. It’s double what you should get.  

OK, so it’s really Goldberg, not Rogen, who makes the observation, but Rogen definitely agrees. It’s a start.                

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