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Friday Buffet

Here’s a Change.org petition from my pal Jeremy Seifert and the guys behind Dive! to get Trader Joe’s to stop wasting food. — — Here are some tips for using leftover food, all the way from down under (NZ). — — Staying in New Zealand, the government just honored a company diverting food waste to […]

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Friday Buffet

Huge news in the world of food waste: A new study out of the Univ. of Texas at Austin finds that the food America wastes represents about 2 percent of our total energy output. And, as the study’s authors note, it’s a conservative estimate because they use the 1995 estimate of 27 percent waste. New […]

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Former Joe Head Tackling Waste?

I came across this brief piece on Doug Rauch,┬áthe former Trader Joe’s head who is now at Harvard strategizing on how to end food waste. It’s the first I hear about it, but I was excited to hear that someone with that much industry know-how is studying the issue. I’m curious to hear what his […]

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