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Friday Buffet

More fallout from Monday’s topic of energy lost in food waste. In her Discover blog, Sheril Kirshenbaum asks ‘how do we change attitudes and behavior on waste?’ Well, I hope it starts with a book. — — Not that you’d ever think of wasting peanut butter, but just in case…here are 10 other uses for […]

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Friday Buffet

Courtesy of the NY Times’  City Room Blog, Answers from a Garbologist Part I and Part II. Here’s the best line from first part: Products most often discarded without being used: vegetables. — — The people have spoken on the 5-Second Rule. Well, at least they’ve participated in a poll. — — Dan Sullivan kills […]

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Crunchy Composting

After hearing the news that SunChips were now sold in compostable bags–sorry, “‘chip package”–I finally got a chance to inspect a bag up-close and personal. I’m not much of a chip purchaser, but I was happy to kick the tires when a bag showed up in my kitchen yesterday. My first reaction was: ‘Holy crap, […]

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Well done, Oregon

Salem, Ore., began curbside compost collection last week. And the state capital seems to be making a real effort to do it right, if this super-useful Q & A is any indication. Now I hear that the neighboring city of Keizer will start their own food waste collection on September 1. That’s great news. But […]

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Friday Buffet

As if the environmental benefits weren’t enough, separating food waste from landfill-bound trash also creates jobs! — — I always knew Converted Organics was innovative, but now there’s proof that I’m not the only one impressed with their High Temperature Liquid Composting (HTLC) system. — — Not to be outdone, Minnesota’s Eureka Recycling will soon […]

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Compost = Hero

I’m putting the finishing touches on my editing today and tonight, but felt compelled to pass along this info on Holly Elmore, founder of Atlanta’s Elemental Impact,  recently spoke at the National Restaurant Association conference about the green goings on at Atlanta eateries. In several designated “Zero Waste Zones” (which we’ll have to discuss another […]

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Friday Buffet

It’s not every day that Prince Charles and food waste find themselves in the same sentence. But that’s the story out of Britain, as the Prince of Wales blasted the country’s squandering. “In this country we waste 10 billion quid’s worth of food every year – wasted. Is that really a sensible system at the […]

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Beep, Beep–Anything for the Compost Heap?

Things are really looking up in Washington. The health care bill finally passed, the Wizards got the first pick in the NBA Draft and household compost collection will soon be available for much of the D.C. area. While businesses have long been able to have their separated food waste picked up by Envirelation, a new […]

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