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Friday Buffet

Looks like in.gredients, the Austin-based zero-waste store is set to open by the end of the year. The bulk food vender will mostly sell to customers wielding their own containers, but compostable packaging will be for sale, too. I’m excited to see this operation in action! — — Statistics New Zealand just released some interesting…statistics […]

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Giving Composting the Old College Try

Forget football, the real news coming out of State College, Penn., this fall could be composting touching down. The borough is considering a move to the two bin system: compostable organics and other trash. State College will host a public hearing to gauge opinion on the proposal in early October. In addition to keeping organics […]

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Friday Buffet

Britain’s waste-crusaders, WRAP, have a new report out on hospitality sector waste. View the full report (with the rare consecutive prepositions) here. — — At Tuesday’s All-Star Game in Phoenix, stadium operators will collect and compost food waste. — — The other NRA–the National Restaurant Association–is taking on food court waste. Both at malls and airports! — — A […]

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First Impression: Impressed

This summer, I’m living in Boulder, Colorado at my wife’s behest. Well, her job’s behest. I’m excited about the opportunity for two reasons: 1. Mountains 2. Composting While I’ve been composting for more than six years, this marks the first time I’ll have lived somewhere with municipal composting. As in–roll a bin of food waste […]

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Un-Greening the Capitol

It was somewhat surprising to hear that the GOP leadership decided to scrap the Capitol composting plan last week. Surprising, because who doesn’t like composting? Somewhat, because you can find opposition to anything except ice cream and puppies in Washington. The UPI reported that House Administration Chairman Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) decided to cut the program instituted […]

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Trash Cops?

It’s a bit of a leap from ‘Recycling Ambassadors’ to ‘Trash Cops,’ but that’s the very jump made in this AOL column. At issue here are the Los Angeles city employees–whatever you want to call them–who make sure Angelinos are recycling correctly, including mixing food scraps in with the yard waste. The ‘Trash Cop’ outrage […]

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I biked past a church pumpkin patch yesterday and was surprised to see a relatively stocked supply, despite the day-after timing. That got me thinking about our pumpkins’ fates. Pumpkins are the most wasted food in homes (by weight), as detailed in a soon-to-be published study that shall remain nameless. Yet, I can’t get too […]

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Friday Buffet

You know that compostable SunChips bag? Yeah, the really loud, crinkly one. Well, about that loudness–Frito Lay is discontinuing the bag precisely because of that noise! A real shame. — — Nice to see the study on the energy wasted when food isn’t eaten is getting some press. And man is it getting some press! […]

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The OC = Objects Composted

Wow, of all the places… Beginning in November, Mobile Compost Service will begin household food waste collection in Orange County, Calif. Participating homes will receive a kitchen caddy, and, subsequently, the company will receive a whole bunch of food scraps: Once a week, on a fuel efficient schedule, Mobile Compost Service will collect the contents […]

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Friday Buffet

Love it! The U.S. Open is composting this year. The tennis tournament has bins throughout its grounds. — — Well then–a big food fight in Nevada. Because what’s more authentic than La Tomatina in…Reno? The tomato-tossing war cost $10 to enter, which went to cancer research. That’s hard to argue with. But…there are many ways to […]

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