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Waste Weigh Friday

Last Friday, I helped oversee a cafeteria waste audit at Bucknell. It was my last day at the school and it was a nice culmination to a week of food waste awareness. It felt like a final exam–to gauge the impact of the week’s conversations, the posters in the cafeteria and a previous waste weigh. [...]

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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Here’s a quick reminder (in the most basic terms): See apple. See rotten spot. Cut away rotten spot. See spot gone. Enjoy apple!

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Friday Buffet

Huge news from Ireland: Starting in 2016, it will be illegal to put home food waste into the trash. That means all Irish households will separate food waste from the regular waste stream, which will be a boon for composting and anaerobic digestion. — — China’s Operation Empty Plate is the humble campaign that lit a food-waste-reducing fire [...]

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Stick a Fork In It

Thanks to everyone who strived for a Zero Waste Thanksgiving. And if that describes you, then you’ll appreciate this video:

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Visualizing Food Waste

Thanks to Leanpath, for creating and transmitting this clear infographic on food waste. It’s further proof that our wastage is something for which we might want to…atone.

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Much Ado

Looks like I picked a bad week to be away at a conference. Lots of food waste news, which is great to see. This fabulous NRDC issue paper came out, which kick-started a bunch of media attention on waste. That prompted a spate of national news interest–never a bad thing. I did find the screaming [...]

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Friday Buffet

A Washington supermarket has an on-site contraption that converts food waste into liquid fertilizer. Organics alchemy, in action! — — The 42 million pounds of food that Forgotten Harvest will recover this year is…a lot. The most, actually. — — Piles of Indian wheat rotting by the side of the road? What a shame; what [...]

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Friday Buffet

The curbside composting program in State College, Penn. is up and roaring and slated to go borough-wide in 2013. — — Glad to hear that URI is trying to minimize its food waste, but I’ve never heard of the need for “waste refrigerators” to keep waste cool before composting. And compost collection certainly happens in [...]

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An Awesome Infographic

Kudos to Door-to-Door Organics, for producing this awesome infographic! It really helps raise awareness on the issue food waste. 

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Friday Buffet

Big news from NYT’s Green Blog: An international report from the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change addresses food waste as one of its seven recommendations: Reduce loss and waste in food systems, targeting infrastructure, farming practices, processing, distribution and household habit — — Every so often I see reports on food waste-to-energy installations like [...]

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